My Small Dog Kennel 2015-2017 (Dog Kennel Ideas)

This shows where I started with my small dog kennel and where I am as of the start of 2017!  The PVC Worked good, but I should of somehow built them about an inch off the ground because dirt got caked around the PVC that was on the ground. But now with me using my actual dog crates instead of PVC, I got these XL crate pens on for about 55 bucks each! They are very strong and I love my kennel!  I do not have very many dogs but this works PERFECTLY for me!  All I did with the crates was cut a hole in the back of the crates so the dogs could use their dog doors to go outside still, as well as I cut small holes in the sides of the pens so I could dump food and water into the side attaching bowls from the outside of the pens!  I love it!


It took me FOREVER to decide how I wanted to do my kennel, hopefully, all my time will give you some ideas to help you out!

Enjoy and please share!


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