Sunset Inn & Suites

Holy crap! If you smoke and smoke a lot, then this is the place for you. But I hope you like stale smoke smell on everything. We walked into the “rain forest suit” And it was anything but refreshing. DO NOT spend 150 + to stay here. Bed spreads are not washed. The smell horrible. The room was neat but expect something from “trick my trailer park” . I can now say I slept in a bed with a car radio inserted in the headboard! lol Thanks. Everything is out dated and in need of repair. And don’t forget anything, the have nothing at the front desk, including

time to stop talking/ watching tv to help you. The older blonde at the desk for checkout, you are one of the rudest people I’ve ever incountered at a motel (you guys are not a hotel or suites, stop lying). We didn’t sleep, are sick from inhaling garbage air (which they know they have due to spays and purifiers that they have, which do not help) and wasted a night alone on this place. If you’re looking at this place, go to Chicago or St Louis. It’s worth the extra money! No thanks, we won’t be back. Trust me, they don’t care

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