The Insta-scam

The Insta-scam: A social media mobile app like Instagram targets a lot its young users because its followers are readily willing to “like” or share a picture. Through a mobile app like Instagram, a scammer can post pictures of prize giveaways that look to be linked to big brands and retailers, but in reality may redirect you to online quizzes or other websites trying to get your credit card information. Users of the social media app may share or “like” a promo in order to fulfill the contest rules, but in reality they are just giving help to spammers and will never get a prize.

How to spot the scam: If the profile name mentions “giveaway” or “free” in its name, it is likely a scam. If all this poster ever posts is pictures for free stuff, it is likely a spam account. If the picture redirects you to a form do not share personal information, like an email address, or a password. Be wary of any new apps that promise free “likes” or followers to build your network.

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