This Simple Picture That Has Alot Of Meaning Behind It… 

Sometimes we see things that may mean alot but we really do not take the time to actually think about it. In this case there is not a ton to say but what there is to say is worth saying!


I seen this image in my news feed today on facebook and had to share it on my website so everyone has had the chance to see it. (Picture below)

This Simple Picture That Has Alot Of Meaning Behind It… 

This may just sound like a daily motivation picture you may see something like almost everyday, but I took something more from this picture….

To me it means in your 20s you should work very hard, save as much as you can. Grind every hour you can to make as much money as you can make while your young and full of energy.


Next in your 30s you should build, build what?  This is the time period where you should build your personal empire or build yourself as a brand. If you worked hard and saved alot in your 20s, in your 30s you should have plenty of money to invest, build a good brand/business, or both!

Chill… yes Chill…. doesn’t that sound great?  Yes it sure does, but what does being lazy have to do with building your life and working hard?   Simply put – that is for motivation!  If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel you are more likely to work really hard to get there!   Once you get there if you spent the last 2 decades right, you will be relaxing hopefully from age 40 until however old you live to be.

This Simple Picture That Has Alot Of Meaning Behind It… 

So, work hard as heck in your 20s, build yourself to make lots more money in your 30s, and basically not work near as much by the time you hit your 40s!  Retire at 40 years old?  Sounds perfect!

I am 23 and this is what this picture means to me, only i have used extra money i get now to invest some here and there, but in my last 20s to my 40s, i plan to invest very hard core.  It will work because I really want it to!

My plan of 200 dollars a month until im 63 will put me with about 1.3 million dollars by the age if 63. Making money work for me.   It is simple and you can invest as much or as little as you want.  Check out my article HERE about the easiest way for anyone to invest!

God bless!


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