My Top 2 Favorite Film Video Movie Editors!

first off… neither one of these are free however hit film I believe does have a free version.
Over all I do not have much to say except noting this because these are my favorite 2 video editing programs!
The first one is called HITFILM 3 I use, I think it was around $100.00 dollars I purchased, you can do almost anything with it and its much cheaper than software like adobe video editing programs. Below are a few screen shots of it!



It is a bit complex to use if you are new to it or new to video editing overall, but it is worth checking out and youtube has many tutorials on it.  I use it when I want to do some more complex stuff.
My second favorite video editor is very simple to use and I use it more for just cutting video and then exporting it to whatever file format I would like the video to be in. It is called Movavi.  The video editor comes free when I purchased the awesome screen recording software that was about 50 dollars and this editor comes with it so I make use of it when I just want to do simple things.


Make sure to check both of these editors out! They are my top 2 favorites and they are both worth the amount of money that they cost! Depending on what you are wanting to do with them! Enjoy!
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