Treating a Victim of Cold Water Immersion

Treating a Victim of Cold Water Immersion

When treating victims of cold water immersion, you should:

  • Get the victim out of the water as soon as possible. Remove the victim from the water gently and in a horizontal position.
  • Prevent further heat loss.
  • Treat the hypothermia victim gently and to your level of training. Be prepared to provide basic life support.
  • Seek medical help immediately.

Save someone’s life!


Learn to recognize symptoms of hypothermia. They are listed here in order of severity.
  1. Shivering, slurred speech, blurred vision
  2. Bluish lips and fingernails
  3. Loss of feeling in extremities
  4. Cold, bluish skin
  5. Confusion
  6. Dizziness
  7. Rigidity in extremities
  8. Unconsciousness
  9. Coma
  10. Death

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