U.S. Cellular (Moberly, MO)

In regards to the moberly store, it isn’t their fault the parent company is such a disaster.
Our service has become poorer and poorer by the month. They liked to blame the leaves earlier in the year, but we haven’t a singe leaf left to bear the burden for them.
We were just informed that the poor service may be as a result of a request from the National Guard. Apparently their service was interfering with Guard operations. That’s about the last straw where I am concerned.
Accept that your service is subpar and take the steps to correct it. Blaming it on the Guard is going to far. Your service just stinks, period. Odd that

Chariton Valley’s service hasn’t been effected by the “Guard”.
One would just think that with over a $1000 worth of “smart” phones, and annual service in excess of twice their value, we could recieve adequate service. Maybe even mediocre service?
I think maybe it’s time to tell US Cellular to stick it and switch to Chariton Valley. This is the last chance they are going to have to make things right, and in anticipation of a repeat of their ineptitude, I’m going to go and see what CV can do for me. My neighbors seem pleased with the service there so far.

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