U.S. Cellular (Moberly, MO)

Tonight I went into your store to deal with discrepancies on my bill & then pay it. I signed in and took a seat with one woman in front of us. The associate Jamie Miller was helping a man & then helped the only other customer in the store purchase a case. Realizing my husband & I were next we then stood at the counter. Jamie then blatantly ignored us & went back to talking to the male she’s previously been with. More time goes by & he walks out of the store. She proceeded to stand there, not acknowledge us or attempt to help. I asked her what her managers name was & she snapped back “Thomas White” I asked when he would be in she said “probably tomorrow” I asked what time was best to call to speak to him & was

told “oh I don’t know.” This entire time she stood there doing NOTHING! I asked how long it would be until she helped us & she got hateful & told me “well I’m actually in between 2 things right now but once I finish up or she does (referring to the only other associate in the store who had been helping a woman this entire time) we’ll get to you” I then told her I’d be calling Thomas tomorrow & would be canceling my account with them. She responded (once again) hatefully “oh that’s fine” & I walked out. If this is how your associates are going to treat me when I pay $300 PLUS every month for 3 lines & 10 GB of data I will gladly take my business else where. If she hates her job so much replace her with someone who isn’t boldly rude to you customers!

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