Weird pressure headache, neck pain, lightheaded, dizzy

I’m looking to see if I can find anyone that has similar headaches that I have. For a year and a half now I have had horrible pressure headaches like my head is going to explode. I have been to multiple doctors over the past year as well as a neurologist. I have had tons of tests such as xray, MRI, bloodwork multiple times, CT scan, ultrasound of the carotids in my neck. When neurologist said it sounded like my head wasn’t getting enough blood and I thought that sounded perfectly on but the ultrasound of neck showed no problems!

I also have the weird urge to pop my neck all the time because it’s stiff even though popping your neck isn’t good… sometimes it makes headache worse..

The only thing so far found was “reversed cervical lordosis”

Some of my symptoms are very odd and are always there, sometimes they are just worse than others. I have found that bending my head forward, squatting down, sitting down makes it worse and it happens quickly, but changing positions doesn’t make it go away neat as fast as it comes.

Pressure in head, neck pain, pain above nose and under eyes (pressure). Lots of pressure on top of my head, dizziness, lightheaded feelings (my vision gets dark like I’m almost to fall asleep or pass out but have never passed out. Also not sure if it’s related but have had shoulder pain on left side that goes down to my finger tips and makes my arm and fingers tingle from time to time. Also I am very tired all the time, having problems getting to sleep but also then want to sleep longer than most people. Fatigued easily too…… This also seems to make me feel super tired and makes my vision seem like everything is to bright but everything appears darker than it really is (pretty odd)

I also have spondylosis but have had it for at least 10 year, it has always given lower back pain but that’s it. I am a business owner and this problems is making is very hard to function and is greatly effecting my life. Tylenol etc doesn’t do a single thing at all, the only thing I have found that helps a little bit is “excedrin tension headache otc” but I really don’t think tension headaches are my problem. And it only works for a little bit and only sometimes. The feeling I get in my head often is the feeling like when you hold your breath for a long time. Pressure in head and start feeling “spacey”

I have been put on muscle relaxers, no help. Currently put on anti inflammatory med and gabapentin for nerve pain to see if either one works but so far I feel no different.

If anyone has or does have anything similar I am open to your thoughts because this is truly destroying my life! Wish I could figure it out so I could make it better. I have had some say these are cervical headaches but still unsure! This does all seem posture related or at least certain positions make it worse. I do know that after about 30 minutes of laying down seems to be the “bestI feel in a day.

Also I have been to an eye doctor and they checked the pressure in my eyes etc and my eyes checked out perfect even though I do blink and sniff often and have dry eyes and eye strain.

I am posting a list below of all the symptoms I have been having that I was keeping track of over many months time.

Back of head aches

Fore head aches

Looking down pressure comes and stays

Bending over pressure comes and stays

Pain behind eyes in head

Nearly constant neck pain

Sitting is worst typically

Goes away after laying down a while

Clearing throat increases pressure

Coughing increases pressure

Feeling floaty or distant from surroundings

Dining of vision / lights getting dark

Medicine doesn’t seem to help much

Ear pressure and ears full

Turning fast makes me dizzy

Brain feels like it’s swimming around

Light headed sometimes

Urge to always pop my neck

Ear aches

Ears ringing

sharp pain headaches (less than 10 min)

Turning my head left to right my neck lightly pops many times

Bending over and down makes me sick

Jaws very tight in sleep & when driving

11/12/19 woke up with left side neck pain going across top of head to forehead.

11/16/19 went to go pop my back lightly and shooting pain went up my neck into my head. Sharp pain for few seconds and head pressure

Worse after sitting down after moving around

Fatigue in head

Staring off in space – disassociation with surroundings

When I yawn neck feels super weak

When sitting or randomly for up to an hour or so, my vision dims no matter how bright the lighting is but typically in low light settings my eyes make it even darker than it is. Similar effect to walking out of theatre on a sunny day.

I squatted down to read a price tag. Not bent over but bend legs to bend down. Tons of pressure goes to my head. Heart beats hard. Get dizzy. Light headed. Nauseous. And it stays for hours and doesn’t go away. When I bend down feels like I’m hanging upside down and it doesn’t go away when I stand up

March 3, 2020

Super stiff neck and painful. Pressure in neck and top of head. Head feels very full and floaty like it could burst

Update: July 2020

Still as of now I have not many answers. Reversed cervical lordosis was found with neck X-ray and a little bit of narrowing on one side. I have tried many muscle relaxers, and many other kinds of medicine such as amitripiline and I am on week 6 of it and I am on day 4 now of trying out lyrica. I have now stopped gabapentin as I felt it wasn’t really doing much of anything. I have now had two MRIs, X-ray of the heck. CT of the head and an ultra sound of the artery’s in my neck. Really not many answers. I have seen a neck specialist at orthopedic clinic, a neuroscientist, multiple family doctors and an ENT. Still to this day. No luck!! The best thing this far I have found that helps is excedrin tension headache medicine. Why it works and literally nothing else does. I have No idea!

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