ASM Property Management Detroit Michigan

I purchased a property with my the lump sum of my pension as an investment and rental property. I did not choose ASM to manage my property I was assigned them by the company I purchased the property from. ASM mismanaged my property and cost me a fortune! They failed to check on the tenants who destroyed the property and refused to pay rent. The tenants remained in the property for eight months without paying rent, ASM did not take appropriate action to remove them. Once the tenant had finally been evicted ASM did not secure the property and squatters moved in. The property was destroyed and cost me $14000 to sort out. ASM didn’t winterise the empty property and the pipes burst leaving me me a flooded house plus a $1800 water bill

because the flood had been going on for so long. ASM had allowed my property insurance to lapse so I was not covered for any of the damage! Other people had been allowed to access the electricity at my property and so I was left with this utility bill as well. ASM failed to offer me any compensation and just wanted me to pay for all the damage. When an investor is so far away from their investment they rely on their property management company to do their job and protect the investment on the investors behalf ASM did none of this. I lost my investment and my pension. I would NEVER recommend ASM to any investor, avoid them like the plague! They cost me everything I worked o for twenty years.

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