The Best FREE CD/DVD Burning Software SUPER FAST!

I came across this program for windows, that I feel is my favorite and so good that I had to post this here and share it! This is 100% free and works like a charm, I typically hate using Itunes and windows media player and other software that costs big bucks and can be a pain to use. This one will burn a CD full of songs in about 3 minutes, about the fastest that I have seen to date, I am impressed!  This is super easy to use and light weight, it opens fast and takes up like 0 space on your computer.


It is called CDBurnerXP   as far as I know it works on all windows operating systems, I have used it even on the newest windows 10 and it works great.



You can simply drag and drop songs into the interface and click burn and that is it, you can also save playlists so you can save those songs selected and easily make that CD later.  This can also do DVD’s although I have not tried that part of it but think I will try it soon!




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