Hungry Man Selects Classic Fried Chicken – 1lb Frozen Dinner – REVIEW

I felt the need to do a review on this frozen tv dinner meal.  I do not do reviews on frozen foods much but I felt the need to do a review on this one. The reason I feel the need to do a review on this is because many times when you buy frozen foods the image on the box looks so much better than the food inside, which can be very misleading.


The good thing is I have not much but positive things to say about this  frozen meal.

First off for around $3.00 dollars I do not think you can get much more food, you really do get about 1 pound of food in this meal, and it does not seem like much at first, but once you cook it, eat it and get done, you will feel full. I am a pretty big guy and this frozen meal is one of the only ones that can fill me up and for three dollars that is a pretty cheap meal!


I have to say there is really only 2 things that I dislike about this specific one, although I am actually a big fan of almost all the hungry man meals because you get good food and alot of it for such a great price.

Bad thing 1 – To me it appeared this would be good boneless chicken, the chicken was good however there has bones in them which I hated so much, but it still taste good.

Bad thing 2 – the mashed potatoes do not taste good, but i can say that usually in any frozen meal, the mashed potatoes never taste to good, but with some added salt and butter they are not to bad at all.

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BUT in this case, the pros outweigh the cons by far! I give this meal a thumbs up!


As always I love the corn with good flavor (to me taste better than canned corn) and the brownie although pretty small is always a good treat with these frozen meals and they taste good. Typically the meat in any hungry man meal is not only good, but you get quite a bit.

The image below is an actual image I took of mine that after only 5 mins in the microwave, you get this good food you see below, and yeah there is actually quite a bit!


all in all for the price, although a bit more expensive than most average priced frozen meals, you do get alot of good food for a great price!  Only of the only frozen meals where it only takes one to pretty much fill me up! Enjoy!