1995 GMC Sonoma REVIEW

I am very impressed by my Sonoma

if you are looking at small trucks, this is one you should consider… just read below what I have to say about it.

Which one do i have?

Year – 1995
Motor – v6 automatic
Color – White 
2 door
2 wheel drive

Now why do i love it, first I must say thank you to my Grandma’s new husband for giving me a great deal on the truck. He bought it brand new in 1995 and had it since 2015 when I got it from him.  What is the main reason I like it that really makes me impressed?  First off it is a solid truck, you can feel when it shifts gears going down the road that it does so smoothly, so what right?  This truck now has hit  270,000 miles!!! It still acts and drives like a very new truck would. It still has good power for its size, and I still get 30 MPG highway. All i have had to do with this truck was change out the fuel filter which I did myself and the filter cost 15 dollars at auto zone and i gave it an oil change… And it is now only 30k miles away from 300,000 miles…. And take me seriously.. I think this truck could run to 500,000 miles easily as long as it is well taken care of, which it will be as long as I have it.


Inside the truck is very basic, but to the point and everything works good – horn, lights, radio, steering, tail gate, doors, locks and all are still in tip top shape and work as i am sure they did when this truck was new. This truck for most of its life has been kept under a car port out of alot of rain… but for now being 20+ years old I like to keep it clean and it only has one little tiny spot of rust above the back tire, thats it!

I do not really know a whole lot about vehicles in general, but I am 22 and believe it or not I have had many, well over 20, ranging from the year 1964 to 2014 so far now as of the year 2016 which is the current year! But over all I must say this truck is a great truck, runs good, and over all this has made me a BIG GMC fan, when before I did not really like GMC anything at all…. If your are looking for a small truck… try looking at one of these little trucks, I think you will love it!

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Have a great day!


Truck won’t idle…. Dies…. gmc….1995….sonoma….FIXED!!! (only issue I have ever had with this great little truck!)

One problem i did have with the GMC which had my baffled for about a month all came down to the fuel filter which I was able to get done myself and with help of some of my family.   I went for vacation in early December for a week and came back and the truck would barely start… Unless I gave it gas…. it also wanted to die off when running and basically made it not safe to drive because it would die while moving and then the power steering would quit working, so for sure not safe and a pain…. After tons of research online as to why this is… I ended up doing a few things…. by the time i got it figured out the gas in it was probably no longer good   (1 month old + )  so i drove it around and made it run in drive to burn out all the old gas, also put some “heet” and a few other gas treatments in the tank to help clear gas lines, gunk build up and all of that… I also put on a new fuel filter which cost 15 dollars (it is located under the driver seat on my truck on the bottom of the truck)  also got some carb cleaner and cleaned the throttle body which takes about 30 seconds… Then went and put new gas in it and kept on trying to drive it everyday.. one day i went outside after having new good gas in it for a few days and started it up once and boom!  It runs like it did before and no problems since then, runs like new still and again!

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Not 100% Which thing i did fixed it, or if it was everything i did that fixed it… I knew the motor wasn’t bad though because it ran fine when i gave it gas, I did not give up on this little truck and happy I didn’t because I love it and it gets me places to be able to haul almost anything and get good gas mileage!