Cocaine Confirmed in Substance Found at White House

What the heck? Seriously?

The substance discovered at the White House on Sunday has been confirmed as cocaine following laboratory testing, according to a Secret Service spokesperson. Initial field tests had also indicated the presence of cocaine, leading to further examination.

Cocaine Confirmed in Substance Found at White House

Location of the Discovery

The substance was located near the ground floor entrance to the West Wing, a path frequently used by staff-led tours entering the building. This area is also where visitors are required to leave their cell phones before proceeding into the West Wing. These tours are typically scheduled for weekends.

Substance Description and Discovery

Sources described the substance as a white powder contained in a small, zipped bag. The discovery was made by Secret Service personnel during their routine rounds of the building.

White House Response

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed confidence on Wednesday that the Secret Service will fully investigate the incident. She confirmed that the cocaine was found in a “heavily traveled area” of the West Wing, frequented by both visitors and staff.

President Joe Biden has been briefed on the situation and the ongoing investigation by the Secret Service. Jean-Pierre refrained from speculating on who might be responsible for the substance, despite the recent tours of the building.

Incident Aftermath

The discovery of the substance on Sunday evening led to a brief evacuation and “precautionary closures” as described by the Secret Service. President Biden, who was at Camp David over the weekend, returned to the White House on Tuesday morning.

Officials are currently working to identify who brought the cocaine into the building. The story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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