HTPOW Laser Engraver Review


This laser engraver was only $100.00 dollars online. It works very well, I am very impressed especially since it is my first laser engraver and  got it 75% off on-sale.

The image below is my first test I did on my phone case, I forgot to clean the surface of the phone case before I did it thus I assume there was a bit of dirt on the N causing it not to burn correctly, but overall it is pretty neat!  From unboxing this printer to doing my first print, took a total of 30 minutes, pretty quick if you ask me!


You can do engravings on leather, wood, cardboard or other paper materials, rubber or plastic, and I was told you can do metal or glass also BUT it has to be a painted surface where the laser can burn the paint, because it will not burn the metal or glass materials!


A few negative things about it are the max carve side is 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch, which is a decent size for small things, but you would not be able to do anything large, of course you could make each letter for example if you did you name 1.5 x 1.5 inches so you could make something bigger if you did piece by piece.


the image below I did on a small piece of wood that you can get at craft stores or in this case came with the machine.


I tried to engrave on a pump pencil that I have a ton of, It worked, but it did not look very good, or as good as I hoped.

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With these printers as you can see you can also do grey scale images, which is actually really neat! I took a picture of me and my dogs and turned it into a burned, engraved image! I think If I was would have set the burn time longer it would have came out better.14333829_10154550828523699_7379034238551858130_n 14369866_10154550828503699_4827752620400605294_n


had the burn time set to high, but it did work on my computer mouse!


Putting my last name on my wallet!



I raise dogs so I just got done making this image today (9/24/16) Thought it turned out really well!


Here is a video of the machine working which ended up as the image above


below is some more random, but pretty cool!


Had the burn a little too high so it started to flake a little bit, what I am using here is business card paper and it is slick so for some reason the laser takes longer to burn it, however, it does work it just takes the laser longer (hotter)


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