Coinpayments Not Working Automatically With Script For Deposits (2goSoft revenue share script)

CoinPayments Auto Deposit Not Working With 2gosoft Revenue Share Script…What could be the problem? I have the answer! (that worked for me)

Automatic deposits are awesome when it comes to online businesses such as Revshare. I have spent days trying to figure out what exactly was going wrong with the automatic deposits for a website that I had built. The script I was using was from 2gosoft and it was their revenue share script.  I had everything perfectly and people could deposit money and the money was received, however the script was not getting the notification that someone had deposited and it was not putting the money into the users account.


I did some digging around and found there was an HMAC error, which was for the IPN secret for coin payments to connect to the script so they could basically talk to each other.

But it did not make sense at all, so I asked the tech man from the script support, he asked if I used special characters in the IPN secret when I made it?  I said, yes I did.


DING DING DING, we have a winner! That was the only problem this whole time!  All these days trying to figure out what was wrong and that was it!  With coin payments they do not generate a IPN secret for you like many payment processors do, they have you make your own, so I had added special characters in it like &%$#*($% and so on.  Well, the script and coin payments was not liking that one bit!


Soon as I updated the IPN secret on coin payments end and then copied that to the script where it needed to be placed, the deposits now work 100%  

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Super easy fix!