Do you have precious moment figurines? They could be worth a ton of money – look here

Their own sweet, teardrop eyes, as well as angelic expression, have made Valuable Moments figures beloved collectors’ items for a long time — and when you have any kind of gathering dirt on a space, it may be time for you to take a 2nd look.

These days, there’s the thriving on the internet market with regard to classic Treasured Moments souvenirs, and one porcelain figurine, in particular, might be worth plenty of bucks. It’s a porcelain sculpture known as “God Loveth a Happy Giver, ” and it is among the original twenty-one Precious Occasions collectibles on sale since 1979.

this individual cute item portraying just a little girl offering free pups originally retailed for $15, but today it may sell upon eBay regarding hundreds of us dollars. One lately sold intended for $188, and also another to get $250.

Should you be very fortunate, though, you might fetch a lot higher cost. The “God Loveth any Cheerful Giver” figurine “has had worth placed on this … around $2, 000, ” stated Paul Burton, a someone for Woolvey Fine Collectibles & Collector’s items, which focuses on selling outdated and limited-edition figurines.

“I don’t believe We have seen 1 actually market for more than half that, even though are still sometimes listed accessible in that cost range, ” he or she told THESE DAYS Home within an email.

In either case, it’s a quite great ROI – also it would make this 79 figurine “probably the most valuable” item within the Precious Times collection.
“There really isn’t very another stand-out I can think about that would be near to this selling price, ” Burton said.

Several limited-edition Important Moments collectors items, like this one fixed by Special Moments sculptor Hiko Maeda, can sell for a couple hundred money on auction websites, and other collectible figurines from the top of the Cherished Moments trend, such as this 81 musical image, “Silent Dark night, ” can fetch a lot more than $100.

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