Does My Dog Have Tapeworms?

Tapeworms are one of the most difficult worms to get rid of from your dog. I typically use “Panacur” to deworm my dogs throughout the year, but tapeworms are one kind of worms that Panacur does not typically get rid of for you.


A tapeworm can grow between 4 and 28 inches long, the image above is a rather large tapeworm that can actually grow inside your dog’s intestines!


Where does a tapeworm come from?  Usually, tapeworms come from fleas that carry tapeworm larvae or babies around, so if the flea gets infected by this worm, and your dog swallows one which can happen on many occasions, that is how many dogs today get tapeworms in their system!

The image below shows tapeworm segments. 


Does my dog have tapeworms? You can find out if your dog has tapeworms from a few different things, one of the main ways is you can have a test run on your dog and it can determine if your dog has tapeworms, you can get this test usually at your local vet. Your dog may be seen dragging his/her behind on the ground or licking their butt quite often, these can become irritating to your dog so you may visually see your dog reacting to having tapeworms.  You can also inspect the hind end of your dog and find little segments of the worm that has broken off a worm inside your dog, you may see these small segments in your dog’s poop, around their behind, or in your dog’s bedding.  What the segments look like a small pieces of white colored rice, below is an image of what they can look like in your dog’s poop.  If you dog is heavily infected he/she may even vomit and it could have tapeworms in it, in some cases your dog may lose alot of weight even if they are eating as normal.

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How can I treat Tapeworms? Even though I mentioned that tapeworms are one of the more harder worms to get rid of, does not mean you should panic, they can get rid of with a special treatment that you can get from your vet. I just picked up a few pills for my dogs because I suspected that some of them have tapeworms so I gave them all tapeworm dewormer that I picked up at my vet, all my dogs are 10 to 25 pounds and the pills for the 20-25 pound dogs were only $4.00 dollars each, thus I could break one in half giving them to my 10 pound dogs only costing $2.00 dollars a piece! You for sure need to get medicine from your vet that is directly for getting rid of tapeworms and then you dog should be happy and healthy once again!