Andis 30135 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer REVIEW

This review is for the “Andis 30135 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer”

I purchased this awesome little hair dryer the beginning of September 2016, I actually got a really good deal on it! It was on sale for a few dollars off on Amazon but I was going to buy it regardless!



I hate normal hair dryers honestly because they either have to sink on your sink area in your bathroom taking up tons of space, especially sucks when you have a small sink area in your bathroom anyway, or you have to put in in a cabinet or something and get it out everything you need to use it which is a pain in the rear end!  The main reason I love this hair dryer is that is has a lot of power, it is small and light, really cheap, and it hangs on the wall is the best part! You know… Like the hair dryers they have in hotel rooms, super convenient!


As I mentioned this hair dryer came at a great price, It was normally around 26 dollars but on sale so it saved me a few bucks costing me right around 22 dollars, for being such a great little machine, well worth $22.00!



It is very small, and light but has lots of good power, it is easy to hold and use for quite a while and won’t wear our your arm holding it up in the air while using it.   I rate this product as a FOR SURE buy for someone that uses a hair dryer.  When winter months come is about the only time I use a hair dryer, but I use it because in the winter I get dry skin easily so when I get out of the shower drying myself off with a towel makes my skin even more dry and itchy, so I just dry off using a hair dryer which is also nice to have that warm air on you in the winter!   I also have other Andis products and they are well made, and typically last a very long time, a very good brand name to me!

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you can buy the hair dryer on amazon HERE