How deep to plant a tree

One of the most useful things I have learned this year is that it really DOES matter how deep you plant a new tree in your yard! There is actually a really simple rule you should always keep in mind when it comes to planting a new tree.

Plant it low, it won’t grow. Plant it high, it won’t die.


how is this you may ask? While there are many reasons why, the main reason is because if the roots of a tree are to low, they can drown much easier, if a tree drowns that means you have a dead tree! Also when roots are kept overly wet as well as the tree being to low such as soil or mulch touching the trunk of a tree, that actually helps rot take place and typically the tree will not last long at all!

So what does, plant it low – it won’t grow, plant it high – it won’t die mean?  How does this help me?

When trees are planted, overtime typically over the course of the first year, the tree will sink some into the ground.

It is somewhat a harsh thing to think about but when a human drowns in water, typically they won’t live right? But if a human has to little water, there is some chance they can hydrate back to normal with some help right? Think of the trees the same way. If a tree is planted to low or watered to much, then it will drown and be done for. If it is planted just a little to high, or maybe gets under watered, you have a much higher chance of being able to save the tree and get it hydrated back!

Look at the root ball on your tree, find the very top root on your tree, you want that roof nearly level or just under the soil level when you planted the tree, then when the tree sinks a little bit, that top root might end up about an inch under soil level but the tree has time to make those upper roots grow as high or low as the tree needs it to grow! All in all, your typically better off having your tree planted a little to high VS to low! Good luck to you!

How deep to plant a tree

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