How To Help An Anemic Or Lethargic Goat Recover

Below I will give you some tips on helping an anemic or lethargic goat recover. 95% of the time this is due to barber pole worms in goats! Very first thing you must do is get rid of those worms FAST! Click here to learn signs that you goat has worms! Click here to learn how to deworm your goat and what to use!

From experience, I can tell you that barber pole worms can kill goats fast, and you must act NOW if your goat has a worm load and is becoming anemic, that is due to the barber pole worms literally sucking the life (blood) from your goat! You must not only kill the worms, but you typically must also act to help your anemic goat recover. Goats do not store some vitamins in their body, vitamins such as b-12 come from the food they eat naturally and then the excess is pooped out when the goat poops.

You should pick up some b-12, there are different brands, it is important to know how much to dose your goat and how often. With b-12 you can give them 1 injection of it one time per week until they start to get better, more mobile, and eat better to start getting nutrients themselves again. How To Help An Anemic Or Lethargic Goat Recover How To Help An Anemic Or Lethargic Goat Recover
In the images above, you will see some B-12 that I got from Orscheln farm & home, it was 13 dollars for this huge bottle, but I could not buy a bottle any smaller. It has 100mcg of B-12, the dosage to give for this example is 100cc per 100lb under the skin.

Something else you can get is some Iron pills from Walmart or your local drug store, that are for human, you

can give your goat one per day to help build the iron back up in the blood they have, you may get lucky and your goat will happily take it and chew it up, if not you must get the pill down your goats throat.

There is a mixture you can buy that you add to your goat’s water that is almost like a Gatorade for goats, it helps them to want to drink more, and helps hydrate them and give them energy they need. Keeping your goat hydrated is VERY important during times of them being anemic and weak. If you cannot find this, you can make your own, use some molasses and mix it with warm water, use quite a bit of molasses to make a natural sweet water, your goat typically will drink this up quickly as they love the sweet smell and taste, but your getting them some energy from the natural sugars of molasses but helping them hydrate from all the water your getting them to drink!

If your goat is anemic and they are not eating hay/weeds like normal, you can purchase them some good goat food to help them get more energy and make sure they are eating. Most goats love the sweet goat feed and will for sure eat it! How To Help An Anemic Or Lethargic Goat Recover

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