How Do I Know? What Are The Signs My Goat Has Worms?

Worms can very quickly become a problem in goats, especially the dreaded barber pole worm that multiples inside your goat and attacks fast! The barber pole worms attach and live in the stomach of your goat! Your goat will quickly start to lose weight, get sick fast, and before long he/she will die!

What are the top signs that your goat might have worms?

-losing weight

-looking weak or skinny

-acting slow

-laying down more often than normal

-not paying attention and stargazing

-becoming distant from the rest of the herd

-not eating or drinking as they should be

-becoming lethargic/anemic due to the loss of blood from the worms sucking the life out of your goat

-if not treated ASAP, the goat will die.

The best way to know for sure if using the scale of 1 to 5 by pulling down the goat’s eyelid and looking at the color. Pink/Red is great, the lighter the

inside of the eyelid or closer to white, the more blood your goat has lost and is literally that much closer to death! Act fast!
How Do I Know? What Are The Signs My Goat Has Worms?

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