Weed Eater String Life Hack!

What happens when you run out of weed eater string and your store that carries more is closed and you have family coming over and you want your yard to look nice. Maybe your one of those people like me that HATE changing weed eater string and want a better solution.

Weed Eater Zip Tie Life Hack!


Well I may actually have a solution for you…….


What you can do is actually use Zip Ties!  I have been seeing this circulate online but not many people actually say the results or have tried it, but many people asking if it could actually work, I indeed must say this has to be one of my most favorite life hacks ever! This one is for sure on the top of the list…. Why?  One my weed eater is a pain the butt to change and refill the string on, also it seems like I usually go through weed eater string pretty quickly, but you can use this too even if you just in a bind and need to replace the string to get a quick job done!


As you can see in the image above how I attached the zipties to my weedeater! Simply take the base string holder swivel off your weed eater to where you have the bottom open and then just run your zip ties through the holes/hole on your weed eater and then you have fast weed eater string and you are ready to go!

Now I must add that this depends ALOT on the kind of zipties you use, as I found out with trial and error, if you use tiny, cheap zip ties they will break within seconds typically especially if your weed eating along side bricks, fence or the base of your house.  You want to use some heavy duty zip ties that you can tell would be very strong and not instantly tear up if you hit something with them.  All in all these zip ties that I have that work good are only a couple dollars at wal-mart and you get like 50 of them that could easily last me all year weed eating my yard.

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believe it or not, the image below is what the zip ties looked like after weed eating almost half of my yard that needs weed eated which is about 20 or so minutes worth, you can see the one of the bottom right got a bit lost off of it with wear and tear but the one on the left is still pretty much all the way there. I must indeed say this works about as good as I had hoped once finding the right zip ties that are pretty strong!


If you do this please be careful because the zip ties can break and fly off and fly quite a ways through the air, do not want to hit anyone or anything, especially your legs as that could hurt a bit, otherwise enjoy!