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I have created and have been given many Swap Shop Facebook groups over the past years that I enjoy being admin/owner on them! Also many of them I built from 100% scratch and some are now some of the largest Swap Shop Groups In Missouri. I used to own a website called Swapaholic.org however due to the cost to maintain the website for people to use for free, and the cost of advertising I had to shut it down, so as of now all my swap shop groups on Facebook are family to each other under the Swapaholic name!

Serving most of Missouri and other states in the USA!



There are pretty simple rules for all of the Swap Shops that I run. Please follow this simple set of rules or you will be permanently banned from all the swap shop groups that I run.

  1. No nudity or pornography.
  2. You can advertise your business, but not more than once per week.
  3. When you sell an item, please comment on the post and say “SOLD” or simply delete the post.
  4. When you post anything for sale, please give a complete list of details such as – what the item is, the price you are asking, where you are located and all that good stuff.
  5. When you post something in a swap shop, be prepared to answer comments when other people comment and ask questions about what you are selling, if you do not respond to them your post will be deleted, and if you repeat you will be permanently removed from the group.
  6. This one should be obvious, BUT do not try to sell fake, stolen, or misleading items or you will be reported to the authorities
  7. Please only join Swap Shops in the areas that you live close to, if you join Swap Shops in areas you are not close to, DO NOT ask other people to deliver whatever you are wanting to buy, if you are in that person area Swap Shop group, you should be the one willing to drive to that person’s location.
  8. Lastly, just act like adults, even if you are not officially 18+ yet, act as an adult, be honest, do not argue, and all that kind of thing.

All of those rules are rules that should be followed anyway, but, there is always someone out there that has to ruin everything for everyone else, so there are the rules! Follow them or you will go bye bye! All Swap Shop group’s that I own, will have a big blue banner that says “NOXAD” (My name backwards) such as the one here on top of my website! Thanks!   I am always looking for others out there that want to help moderate these Swap Shop groups and help keep junk and spam out if you are interested, Also if there is a Swap Shop for your area that is missing or there is one but you want a better one, feel free to inbox me on facebook HERE

Below is a link to all of the Facebook Swap Shop groups that I own and manage. Click the link to any of them to be brought to that group on Facebook.

Swap Shop USA Swapaholic

Columbia MO Small Business Swapaholic

Dekalb County Swapaholic

Madison County Swapaholic

Kansas City Swapaholic

Dogs For Sale In Missouri Swapaholic

Kirksville Mo Swapaholic

Barry County Swapaholic

Cairo Mo Area Swapaholic

Fulton Mo Swapaholic

Clifton Hill Missouri Swapaholic

Huntsville, Mo Swapaholic

Salisbury Mo Swapaholic

Missouri Electronics For Sale Swapaholic

St. Joseph Swapaholic

Harrison County MO Swapaholic

Lake Of The Ozarks Swapaholic

Cape Girardeau County Swapaholic

Missouri ATV Offroad UTV 4×4 Swapaholic

Missouri Computer Swapaholic

Missouri Cars For Sale Swapaholic

Macon County MO Swapaholic

Arkansas Cars For Sale Swapaholic

Fayette Mo Swapaholic

Blue Springs Mo Swapaholic

Kansas Cars For Sale Swapaholic

Dallas County Missouri Swapaholic

Chariton County Mo Swapaholic

Andrew County Swapaholic

Brunswick, Mo Swapaholic

Chillicothe, Mo Swapaholic

Ohio Cars For Sale Swapaholic

California Cars For Sale Swapaholic

Jamesport MO Swapaholic

Iowa Cars For Sale Swapaholic

Branson MO Swapaholic

Missouri Swap n Shop Swapaholic

Boonville MO Swapaholic

Unionville MO Swapaholic

Johnson City TN Swapaholic

Plattsburg MO SwapShop

Clinton County Missouri Swapaholic

Dade County Missouri Swapaholic

Cass County Swapaholic

Trenton MO Swapaholic

Morgan County Swapaholic

Butler County Missouri Swapaholic

Johnson County Missouri Swapaholic

St. Charles County Missouri Swapaholic

Barton County Missouri Swapaholic

Carthage Missouri Swapaholic

KC Swapaholic

Pemiscot County Missouri Swapaholic

Jasper County Mo Swapaholic

Lebanon Mo Swapaholic

Lincoln County MO Swapaholic

Miller County MO Swapaholic

Shannon County Mo Swapaholic

Osage County MO Swapaholic

Morgan County IL Swapaholic

Barton County MO Swapaholic

Polk County MO Swapaholic

Gasconade County Mo Swapaholic

St. Louis Swapaholic

Johnson County MO Swapaholic

St. Charles County MO Swapaholic

Missouri Swapaholic

Miller County Texas Swapaholic

Missouri Automotive Swapaholic

Swapaholic SwapShop Facebook Groups!

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