Welk Resort

It is for families with lots of children because there is no indoor warm water pool …it is a splash park and is not advertised that you have to pay $10 per person per day to use the indoor pool! We went in late October because I’m getting ready to have knee surgery and the water was so cold 70 degrees with leaves in it because they had open to the outdoors and we left one night early because it was so cold I could only stand to be in the water for 15 minutes. Probably 100 people and their children screaming

it was not relaxing… You have to pay for breakfast $8 – $10 you have to walk outside to go to all the facilities and it is nickel and dimed for all families for activities for ceramics for making a cupcake for painting the charge for everything and loud announcements every 20 minutes!! We hated it and I have been to Branson at least 40 times and could have stayed in a nicer indoor pool for half price of $110 per night. I am 60 and husband 55. Also it is a timeshare property so you get hit up for tours constantly!!! Don’t go to this rip off resort.

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