Funny Walmart Prank Ideas

Below is a list of many funny things you could do in Wal-mart of in public areas to have some fun and get a good laugh.


1. See how many clothes pins you can clip onto someone’s clothing without them knowing. You can also try this with balloons if your Walmart has any

2. Get a stranger to hold your hand for 5 seconds.

3. See how many items you can get out of someone’s cart within 60 seconds without getting caught.

4.  Put a piece of your clothing into someone’s cart.

5. Whisper “hello” into a stranger’s ear, and then slowly walk away.


6. Explain to someone of the same gender as you how pretty they are.

7. Keep a 30-second conversation with a stranger while secretly insulting them.

8. Get someone to smell your armpit (try on deodorant and have them smell different kinds)

9. Get a hug from a stranger.

Funny Walmart Prank Ideas

10. Go to the clothing department and change into an entire new outfit, socks and all.

11. Wear blacked out glasses and have someone over a speaker in your ear or phone tell you where to walk and what to do.

12. Put as many stickers on someone’s shirt as you can without them finding out.

13. Shake hands with your hand wet, or use something like lotion or vaseline on your hand.

14. Apologize for a random reason and get them to accept your apology.

15. Build a fort, you must have a TV, bedding, and other items to make it like your actual home.

16. Play basketball and shoot items in someone’s cart without them seeing you (you have 30 seconds to throw as many items into someone’s cart without them seeing you)


17. Say over the intercom there is a clean up in the toilet paper isle, when hiding behind the toilet paper then bust out and scare people.

18. Give dirty looks to a stranger

19. Sell pot to a stranger (Then pull out a small cooking pot)

20. Sell coke to a stranger (pull out a bottle of coke)

21. Act as a hitman and convince someone you were there to negotiate a price.

22. Find someone with the name of your choice. (Find beth)

23. Give someone the ugliest smile that you possibly can

24. Find one of the bike squeeze horns and honk it over and over, see how many times you can honk it before someone asks you to stop, then do it once more after they ask you to stop.

25. Call someone pork chop (Slightly insulting)

26. Rub lotion on somebody.

27. Get someone to let you try their hat or shoe on, then struggle and ask them to help you.

28. Redress the mannequins in funny ways.

29. Challenge a random customer at the store to sword fight with tubes of gift wrap.

30. Have a conversation with yourself in multiple different personalities.

31. Talk to your invisible buddy very weirdly.


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